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Best CBSE school in Karnataka

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Right from when the child starts his academics, parents have to deal with the dilemma of choosing the board of education. The choice of the board makes a significant difference during the early developing of the child. In the Indian education system, CBSE sad ICSE are the most recognized board of education among 13 boards and parents choose either one of these. The education system is also split into primary, secondary and senior secondary levels. Most CBSE International School in India highlight the significance of the education board and syllabus they follow. However, a one size fits all doesn’t work in the case of the school syllabus. For the same reasons, parents end up choosing syllabus for their child based on the popularity instead if its suitability for the child.
So here is why CBSE is the right academic system for children.
Popular board of education
The central board of secondary education (CBSE)is a main and popular board of education in India and it follows a concentric curriculum where the topics are progressive to what was taught in the previous academic year. CBSE is widely accepted at any university when a child seeks college-level education.
In sync with competitive exams
If you take a detailed look, the CBSE board syllabus is in sync with most of the competitive exams like AIEEE, IIT-JEE etc, and is one of the major advantages of enrolling your child in CBSE board. After clearing the 12th exams, the education background makes it easy for your child to crack the competitive exams.
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Encourages active learning
CBSE syllabus of education keeps up with changing time with these active learning methods. they follow a specific teaching approach that focuses on learning through experimentation and experience. Though not very flexible in nature it still holds the power to impart a holistic level of education to young learners.
Easy syllabus
Compared to other boards CBSE is comparatively easy for students to grasp. Though easy, it doesn’t mean that the syllabus is not competitive. Equally competitive to another syllabus, CBSE is easy to understand as they follow a concentric curriculum well-structured into subsections. Which means even if your child is changing to CBSE syllabus from any other board, he/she would be able to catch up things at a fast pace.
Give a good academic foundation
As CBSE syllabus offers the holistic method of education and apart from academic excellence it focusses on independent learning, developing broad mindedness global exposure, intercultural understanding etc, Sports and wellness program also part of the curriculum to improve children’s cognitive abilities.
CBSE syllabus offers a rich learning experience to students which strengthens career growth by harmonizing academics with needs of higher education. The Top CBSE syllabus schools in Bangalore has the right blend of academic and extra-curricular curriculum every year along with life skills programs and value-based education programs.
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Best CBSE school in Karnataka
Why CBSE is the Right syllabus for your child?