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It has always been a never-ending debate for the student community to choose between different boards such as CBSE, ICSE or the State Boards. Both the students and parents have differed opinions when it comes to decide on the best perspectives of different provisions of boards. It is a crucial point in a student’s life as their future depends on the decision they take. Both pros and cons are attached to it. But when it comes to CBSE which is the national board and is conducive to the national interests of the country. So, both parents and students prefer CBSE over any other Boards as it is very essential for the student’s future. Choose Good schools in Bangalore which is favorable to the students in terms of syllabus and examinations. CBSE Boards advocate the following merits over the other.

Student-friendly Syllabus

CBSE stands for Central Board of Secondary Education, is a national syllabus which works in the favor of national interests, covering a wide range of syllabus. It includes an integrated and cohesive syllabus with a structured pattern and covers a wide range of topic which students learn with much ease. The idea of conceptual learning is promoted amongst the students, the concept of mugging up different answers just for the sake of examination is always ignored in the CBSE syllabus structure. The syllabus is always updated and uniform when compared to the other boards.

Teaching -Evaluation Methodology

There has been a significant change in the pattern of teaching and evaluation in different boards. The systems are getting updated and aim for an active method of learning. The focus has been shifted from mere exams and mugging up to more involved learning and teaching methods with different experimentations with the advanced technologies. Hence, the focus is on skill development and the content rather than on the quality of the answers on the paper. The teaching-evaluation is friendly and encourages students to be more creative, innovative and brings the best talents with their talent skills. With the most modern and advanced infrastructure and technologies, CBSE nurtures the best out of a student.

cbse schools in bangalore

CBSE Schools in Bangalore

CBSE is Globally Accepted

The CBSE syllabus is globally spread in around 21 countries like Singapore, UAE, Ethiopia, Russia etc. The certificate is recognized around the world. It has better footing in the sub-continents than ICSE board and is also recognized by several other foreign education system which is equivalent to senior examination or high-school such that students can pursue higher education abroad.

CBSE Prepares for Competitive Examinations

All India Engineering and Medical Examination are based on the NCERT textbooks which operate a chain of central schools. Students from CBSE schools have a better chance of clearing AIEEE, IIT, and AIPMT. It is a benefit over state and ICSE syllabus as they get exposure to duration-specific, problem-solving technique.


The best advantage of studying in a CBSE school is that it is the most ideal for students whose parents have a transferable job, within the country. As syllabus is nationwide accepted, students will not have to suffer with the syllabus with the relocation or migration. Other benefits are that it has got a very high flexible, students can take their favorite subjects and there is no compulsion in picking up any stream. So, children prefer to study in a CBSE school rather than opting for any other boards. Parents should attentively pick from the Top 10 schools in Bangalore that provide CBSE syllabus which has been chooses unanimously as the most comprehensive and integrated board of education.

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best residential schools in India
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