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In the modern era, teaching revolves around technology and innovation instead of just content knowledge. Emerald also focus on imparting knowledge that machines fail to offer. We follow an expert curriculum that aims at achieving wisdom with an innovation-oriented mindset.

Emerald international school is one among the Top 10 Residential Schools in India providing a culturally rich environment where every child gets a top quality education, life skills and potential to face the ever-changing global world. Teachers are the real asset of our schools and one of the primary reasons why it is considered as the top international schools in India. When it comes to teachers and administrative staff, emerald international school is exceptional. Our school offers a homely atmosphere with adequate space that growing kids require.

We offer a broad range of leadership programs for children to empower them to identify the values through interactions, creative activities, services, and goal settings. At Emerald, we follow a differentiated instruction in our classroom through both individual and collaborative learning technique.

We top the new generation international schools as we aim to instill the ability to leverage the full potential of children while excelling as responsible citizens of the future. Students have an impressive exposure to different cultures and activities which accelerates creativity and conceptual thinking among children. We are dedicated to inspiring each student with pursuits of wisdom and knowledge to take through an effective and valuable educational journey.

top international schools in bangalore

Emerald boast modern facilities like swimming pool, skating classes, aerobics coaching, karate, and gymnastics classes. We believe in the amalgamation of academics and extra-curricular activities in the curriculum will enhance self-esteem, energy level, and sleep quality. We believe that each child is different and requires unique attention that is appreciated by both students and parents. During each learning activity, our teachers and staff indulge in proper assessment to improve the learning skills of students.

What Makes Emerald the Most Desirable International School in Bangalore?

Modern classroom

A modern classroom is one that follows a flexible approach that includes best practice, latest reach, the culture of the school etc. Classroom with smart board enables the student to learn concepts and subjects by visualizing it in front of them.

Learning space

When the learning space is set up with well planning, learning activities can be more personalized and the feedback is more efficiently. Modern classrooms must also consider layout, physical; and environmental aspects.


From IT-enabled smart boards to hi-tech learning aids, cloud-based platforms, mobile applications, technology is an integral of the school environment, especially at emerald international school.

Child-centric furniture

The significance of choosing child-centric furniture cannot be understated. It is proven that the choice of furniture how you organize it etc plays an important role in optimizing learning process.

Emerald international’s campus space offers a professional and education-centric environment that allows students to expand their academic abilities. Emerald is one of the Top International Schools in India that take learning beyond academic, catering to nurture a student’s signature strengths. We give focus to arts, crafts, dance, drama, sports with as much important or more as academics. Our curriculum allows students to develop skill-based goal in various areas. All the aspect along with academic and extra-curricular activities provides for whole education.

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best international schools in bangalore
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