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Technology has converted the way of human life in many ways. This broad use of technology in education has changed the way educators teach, and students learn. Technology facilitates experiments of new styles of education, democratize schools, and engage students more efficiently. Teachers learn to use sophisticated technology devices such as computers, tablets, iPads, Smartboards, digital cameras, and more as a means of shaping their work.

Notwithstanding the technology develops in classroom technology, the entire technology tools are still not accessible to all students. Many schools are struggling with scarce budget and teacher deficiencies, with some making hard decisions.

But, most of the top 10 international schools in Bangalore possess great e-learning platforms. As a leading player in this industry, Emerald has now become the best CBSE school in Bangalore. E-learning provides various benefits to both students as well as teachers. Let’s have a look into that,

Better classroom engagement.
Technology can only assist you in promoting active involvement in the classroom, but you might consider technology a distraction. Here, the IT/digital devices can assist transform boring topics into interactive and enjoyable subjects in the classroom.


e learning

Personalized Education

Today’s teachers support e-learning. Digital tools can support learning in the classroom and provide various teaching methods for the individual learning needs of each student. Here, the students are helped by various digital platforms such as e-books, apps, games, webpages, and virtual teaching.

Faster Knowledge Access
The technology tools in classrooms provide teachers with a holistic view of any given topic while providing guidance for the students to identify the right sources. Internet research in classes enables educators to teach students how to evaluate the quality of information they find on the Internet.

Deployment of Digital tools
Computers, Tablets, Tech toys, whiteboard, and various learning apps & sites enhance every day. It is estimated that, in the future, the ways students access information will witness many changes and improvements. Developers become increasingly aware of and develop apps that allow students to learn from interacting sessions.

Encourages collaboration

By participating in various online activities, students can practice their collaborative skills. By working with other people on forums, and sharing documents on their virtual learning environments, work on various projects, they can improve their knowledge to another level. It encourages cooperation with students from the same classroom, the same school or even from other schools.
The world of digital technology always evolves; students and educators need to stay always up to date. As the above-mentioned benefits better help a child to grow extraordinarily, you can undoubtedly choose Emerald (a Bangalore international school) to help your child learn with technology and make him/her always touch the best-heights in their future life.

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E learning
How Beneficial is Having E- learning in Classrooms